White Tree Chiropractic, 2 Chester Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7RA White Tree Chiropractic, 2 Chester Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7RA

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Optimising spinal function is our primary concern and focus here at White Tree Chiropractic in Edinburgh’s vibrant West End, using very gentle techniques to strengthen and balance your nerve system.

We are, however, acutely aware that most people are looking for pain relief and we have great deal of success helping people like you with conditions such as neck pain, back pain, headaches and fatigue, to name but a few.

Our patients are also made up from those interested in prevention and wellness, they report; more vigor, reduced stress, more energy, less fatigue, more flexibility, improved strength and athletic performance and better sleep… which are the things wellness is about.

We work with you to create a realistic, individualised plan to address your goals. We strive to be efficient and cost effective. From pain relief to wellness, experience the difference we can make for you!

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