10 day challenge

This is the 10 day challenge for those that are brave enough.

Everyday, twice a day please complete 3 minutes of spinal exercises. 1 minute of flexion/extension, 1 minute of side bends and 1 minute of rotation. We will call this the equivalent of brushing your spine (like brushing your teeth twice a day everyday).




As you can see the images are those of yogi’s practicing this technique, I am just as happy for you to do this sitting on a chair.

Now for the flossing (perhaps practiced a little less often)- if there are three muscle groups that hold more tension than the rest they would be psoas (the hip flexor), the upper trapezius and levator scapulae (across from the neck to the shoulder blade). Stretches for these muscles should also be performed once a day each, as accounting for each side this adds up to 6 minutes as well (3×20 seconds on each side) – divide this how you see fit.

Levator Scapulae (back of neck to top of shoulder blade)

o Position – Start in a seated with the hands resting in the lap

o Motion – Lift shoulders toward ears and turn the head to the right shoulder. Place left hand behind neck and stay in that position while dropping the shoulders. The stretch will be felt on the left side of the neck

o Duration – Hold for 3x 20 seconds and repeat on the other side

o To deepen the stretch move/flex the head away from the side being stretched

Upper Trapezius (side of neck to along the top of the shoulder blade)

o Patient position – Patient begins seated on an exercise ball with arms hanging by their sides.

o Motion – Reach over and place the right palm on the left side of the head. Slowly bring the head to the right while pulling the.left shoulder to the floor until stretch is felt. Only use the hand for guidance, do not pull with the hand.

o Duration – Hold stretch for 3x 20 seconds and repeat on the other side

Psoas – (Front of hip – works to flex top of leg upwards)

o Patient position – With one knee on the floor the opposite foot is out in front of the body with the foot slightly further away than the knee. The body remains upright, imagine a straight line from the shoulder through the hip and down to the knee on the floor.

o Motion – Tail bone is tucked under the body and the waist is slowly moved forward until the stretch is felt at the top of the leg

o Duration – Hold stretch for 3x 20 seconds, alternating between sides.

There you have it, the 10 day move and stretch challenge. Now some of you may be doing this already in which case please share any feedback you have on the benefits of completing these exercises as it will hopefully help everyone else.

Please start today!!

Oh and one last thing, don’t feel like you have to stop after 10 days…



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4 Responses to 10 day challenge

  1. Mandy Orr says:

    ok, you’re on.
    what’s the prize…?

  2. Mike Rogers says:

    Hi Gary,
    Very timely advice, as I hunch over my computer a lot. I’ve printed out the exercises and stuck them on my wall to remind me to do them. Also posted them on Facebook, as I’m sure many of my friends can benefit.
    Mike Rogers

  3. When visiting blogs, i usually discover a good content like yours.
    Very good job on this post! I love how you presented
    your facts and the way you made it interesting and easy to understand.
    Thanks a lot.

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