5 miles from home

A personal story to share as it may help.

About 4 years ago, in the January, I was training for my first marathon and was visiting my network chiropractor on a weekly basis in order to help keep my nerve system strong to deal with all of the additional physical stress of the extra running on top of my already busy lifestyle.

At this time I had been under chiropractic care for about 10 years.

Then one day I was feeling good whilst out running and decided to take the long way home. Then disaster stuck, my low back (specifically my sacroiliac joints) subluxated (got stuck out of position), and I had to walk home. Needless to say I was at the furthest point from home and I had to hobble home over the 5 miles, as I gradually got colder, wondering why on earth chiropractic had failed me!!??!!

I had been responding very well to care, attended regularly and couldn’t fathom why it had let me down.

I learned two things, with the benefit of hindsight.

One, feeling good isn’t necessarily a sign of functioning well and two, I had quite simply pushed my body beyond its limits and it had pushed back. On reflection I realised my limits had been extended significantly by attending my chiropractor, but I hadn’t somehow crossed a threshold that allowed limitless stress to be imposed upon the body.

The question then became how can I extend these limits? This in when I started to pay closer attention to my training regime, to core strength training, focussing more on my Yoga, improving my diet and keeping up with my meditation.

Perhaps I had become a little too reliant on my chiropractic care and had neglected my own duties in self preservation. From that point on (well from 1 week later once my chiropractor had me back on track (excuse the pun)), I was more respectful to and of my training, and my own requirements in achieving this long distance.

I completed the marathon and went on to complete another one the following year, just to prove it wasn’t a fluke, without any recurrence of the pain.

In summary we are all trying to extend our limits, by finding that place where we reach our boundary and then go just beyond it. Irrespective of the quality of care or how healthy our habits are sometimes we are going to push a little to far, pay the price, learn the lesson and go again. So if you experience a recurrence of pain whilst under care it is a good thing, it shows your determination to push beyond your limits and to grow, and if you body pushes back, get back on track and start to move forward again, just that bit wiser.

I hope you enjoyed this blog on low back pain and chiropractic, if you have any questions or comments, please get in touch.

Yours in health


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