About White Tree

About White Tree

My name is Blackwood – so why not call my practice White Tree…?

But there are other reasons: a tree has a trunk – its core from which all other branches grow. Just like your spine is the key bony structure providing the stability from which all other bony structures can move.1

The nerve ‘trunks’ which transport nerve impulse to the brain are known as ‘white matter’. The brain has more ‘grey matter’ – but Grey Tree Chiro didn’t work so well. And well, we work through the spine to affect the brain… So White Tree it is…

What to expect:

White Tree Chiropractic - Kids Friendly Waiting Area

White Tree Chiropractic – Kids Friendly Waiting Area

1st visit: 40 min consultation, including a thorough health history and examination both focused to your area of concern and covering overall neuromusculoskeletal (nerve and body) health.

2nd visit: Report of findings, 20 mins, where the doctor of chiropractic will explain your condition, how it relates to your overall health along with an honest appraisal of how best to take things forward.

Adjustments: each subsequent visit is 10 mins during which time, this clinic uses a variety of techniques, primarily utilising the extremely gentle network spinal analysis entrainment, but also using more robust adjustments if necessary, depending upon the patient and the presenting condition.

Progress checks: every 12th visit there will be an appointment to re-assess and check that the body is changing in the time scales predicted in the 1st visit, with adjustments made to the schedule where necessary.

1. Kandel E.R., Schwartz J.H. Jessell T.M.; Principles of Neural Science (2000) – Human walking may involve spinal pattern generators. pg 753-754.