Antibiotics – Colds/Flu and Health

I have recently heard of a notification issued by the New York State Medicaid program (a glimmer of hope perhaps), thank you Dr Perman of TMC.

The headlines reads “It’s Cold and Flu Season! New Yorkers are Urged to ‘Get Smart’ About Antibiotics.”

In an astounding and welcome departure, New York professionals and consumers are being encouraged to “think twice before expecting treatment with an antibiotic when they become ill, because an antibiotic is not an appropriate treatment for every illness.”

Acting Health Department Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker acknowledges that antibiotics have no effect on viruses, and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and NYS Department of Health report that “overprescribing antibiotics has caused some germs to become resistant,” and “many of the antibiotics currently on the market have become less effective against bacterial infections because they are inappropriately prescribed for viral illnesses.”

In fact, the President signed an Executive Order in September calling for “increased vigilance on…antibiotic resistant bacteria” and “wiser use of existing antibiotics.” The CDC confirms that up to 50% of antibiotics are not needed or improperly prescribed.

So where do we stand in the UK? Are we over-prescribing antibiotics? (I hear there are notices up in GP practices advising not to ask for them). Is their usefulness diminishing? Is their use in cattle producing ever more resistant bacterial strains? Is the countries economic position causing increased financial stress and therefore an increase in the severity of colds/flu?

I’m sure you know the answers to each of these questions, but no matter how it lies, the truth is that we can do more to strengthen our immune systems. We can do this directly through exercise, proper nutrition with supplementation where necessary, getting adequate rest and maintaining a positive mental attitude (yes even with family, in-law, coming to visit…).

To further support our immune system regular check ups at the chiropractors can help your spine and nerve system stay in their best condition, helping to improve overall health.

To my mind it is the creation of health, rather than the fighting of disease, that keeps us healthy…

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  1. Gail Walshe says:

    I agree. Our remedy is lots of fluids, home made soup and rest. (and chiro of course!). 🙂

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