Back in the Garden

So, the time has arrived to start again with taking care of the garden, which invariably involves putting your back into it, which unfortunately for too many also means the back goes out…

How can we prevent this?

1st Don’t get carried away!!! I know, I hear the same story every spring. “Well it was such nice weather, the day was gone before I realised” “It was so therapeutic that the time flew by” – Ok fine I get it you enjoy your garden, you’re worried that there may only be one day of sunshine all year and you want to make the most of it, but 8 hours!!! At least stop for lunch…

2nd – Keep it varied. Try not to spend the whole day doing the same task. Spend 20 minutes on one thing then move to another, perhaps alternating between heavier and lighter work – however and this is very important do not go into heavy work with cold muscles!! Take the time to warm up muscle groups before you start swinging the spade or fork… Maybe go for a quick walk first, swinging those arms, or spend some time with an empty shovel gradually warming up the muscles before putting weight into it. Or if you have the skills already do some Yoga… Think – Cold muscles tear, warm muscles glide.

3rd – Cool down!! I don’t mean with a cold beer or Pims, I mean do some stretches after your day’s work or after some heavy work. Stretching helps to clean the muscles of their lactic acid build up which will work to lessen any delayed onset muscle soreness the following day as well as preventing muscle stiffness.

4th – Drink some water through the day whilst you’re working. I know the breeze is cold and you may not feel like it – but your body needs it.

Please feel free to mail me any comments to add to the blog at If it already too late, and you’ve felt your back strain, then get in to be checked at least – the pain may go away, but the damage may have left its mark! Initial 10 minute consultations are free at White Tree Chiropractic ltd. Stop by and visit us!

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