Back Pain

Back pain, quite simply is what chiropractic has built its reputation on. There are many chiropractors whose primary focus is dealing with back pain, and many who look to affect a multitude of other conditions as well.

One of the reasons back pain is so prevalent is the number of ways that it can come about, along with the cumulative affect of stresses on the body. See my blog on Is Pain the Problem for more information (or consider the camel and the straw principle). However for now, we can mention poor posture, minor injuries, stress (not just physical, but also emotional stress) and lack of (or incorrect) exercise as the building blocks of low back pain.

Each presenting case of back pain requires a thorough history and examination to determine, not only which parts of the back are sending the pain signals, but also what the underlying reasons for the back pain are. Some are obvious, some are less obvious, hence the time taken to establish what has happened/is happening.

Following the history and examination I will present my findings to the patient and explain in as much or as little detail as they want what is happening and what can be done to correct it.

There is no magic pill, do not expect to be sent on your way with a simple answer that will suddenly change everything. In order to truly resolve back pain, requires effort, both on my part (I can promise you that) and from you.

Some people require more exercises than others, some a solution from left field that they were not expecting, but the simple equation for resolving the underlying issue is effort. People who do the things I ask, and don’t do the things I ask them not to do, get the best and longest lasting results.

I also understand how busy lives are nowadays and so the exercises are (mostly) designed to be built into your routine so as not to add additional stress to your life.

If finding the underlying reason for your back pain is of interest and you are ready and willing to make a few simple changes, then chiropractic is for you.

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