Badger Sets


You thought I couldn’t come up with a more unusual title. K-Blammo – Badger Sets!! I know I know, what ON EARTH has badger sets got to do with health??? Any guesses? Yes? No? If you do have a guess, I would love to hear it, please email me with your suggestions.

Quite a few years ago I learned Transcendental Meditation, I have since learned techniques I prefer and so no longer recommend it, but at the time it was invaluable. The teacher is a lovely guy called Chris Greathead who has as many stories about every possible situation in a meditation hall as you can imagine in his 20+ years of teaching TM.

One of his stories about the nerve system has stuck with me, and it is his analogy that I will use today.

The pathways that badgers walk along are hundreds of years old. that means that generation after generation walk exactly the same paths time and again. A pathway walked time and again, becomes well worn and very easy to follow.  These well worn pathways can be thought of as tracks in their nerve system.

For example, driving a car is a complex set of nerve pathways which you have to learn and bed in to your nerve system and brain. Once done, your coordination for the activity becomes easier and easier until you can listen to music and chat with a friend sitting in the passenger seat whilst still driving safely.

Another example you may notice is that under stress your posture changes, in effect mal-adapting to the stressful environment, perhaps by rounding your shoulders and bringing your head forward. The more you experience stress, the more quickly you access this posture (which has a knock on effect to your bodies function).

Then each time you practice a skill, you are strengthening the nerve pathway, so that you become more effective at that skill, whether it is a positive skill like driving or an unhelpful skill like an over active stress response in the brain and nerve system. In effect those pathways are becoming more well worn, therefore easier to access, and so less stimulus is required to set off the nerve pathway. Excellent when you are driving, not so excellent if you are reacting to stress poorly.

Therefore it is possible to first learn that your response to stress (anger, fear, dissociation, poor posture etc) is a choice and then learn a new response. Simple, but not easy. This is why I recommend exercise, meditation, yoga, breathing techniques and when you come to the clinic, the light touch queues you in to your ingrained nerve pathways so that you can start to see them for what they are. Learned responses.

As you progress through care, the deeper contacts help you find the energy to transform those responses into something else… First we discover, then we transform, and then awaken to a new way of understanding our ‘self’, then we add in a smattering of ‘self’ acceptance of who we are and you are on the road to change and to better health.

Awaken to the story of your ‘self’ and re-write it any way you want too.

I am healthy, I make healthy choices even in times of stress, I maintain good posture and choose positive empowering responses to the environmental stress, because it serves me.

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