This is the premise that in order to HAVE the things that you want, you have to DO the things that are necessary, which requires that you BE the kind of person that does the things you have to do to get to have the things you want.

For example, you want Health. Then you have to DO the things that healthy people DO. (You know these, but for re-cap, eat well, sleep well, exercise, get your body tuned up and believe in yourself). So then what beliefs must you have in order to BE the kind of person that does these things?

Well you must BElieve that exercise is a valuable use of your time. Time seems to be the biggest blockade to exercise, but actually what I have found is that it isn’t a lack of actual time, but instead a lack of value. If you value relaxation more then exercise you will relax when you get home from work. You could for example spend your evening exercising instead of watching tv. Perhaps you could get off the bus one stop early?

How do you examine your BEliefs? Well, one way is to ask yourself the question, “What do you dislike in other people?” If you dislike tardiness then chances are you value being on time. If you dislike lycra then perhaps you value fashion over being fit:) If you dislike medication the perhaps you value the body’s ability to heal itself.

One BElief that is worth exploring is the difference between not being in pain and being healthy. If you believe it is important to not be in pain, it is easy to reach for painkillers. If you believe in health, then this requires more hard work, understanding what makes you healthy and what detracts from your health, then DOing more of the former and less of the latter.

Once you have established your beliefs, if you need to change any, well this is where it gets interesting. Everyday you have to make the conscious choice to believe in something else. This process is quickened by meditation, affirmations, hypnosis etc.

If your block is at the DO level, then it takes between 30 and 60 days to establish a new habit. You’d have to make the conscious decision to DO it everyday until it becomes a habit.

And then you get to HAVE health and all of the benefits thereof. More energy, reduced healing times, less pain, fewer or no symptoms, better concentration, the list goes on.

Best of luck and if you have any questions I invite you to get in touch.

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