Boxes. There seems to be a plethora¬†of boxes everywhere, particularly when it comes to health. Fill in this form, tick these boxes, oh and those boxes, and in order for us to really understand your condition, best you tick the boxes that best describe you…!!!

There are obviously problems with this. You are not defined by these boxes. If we were to add up the sum total of all the boxes you had ever ticked, they would not describe you, or your health/vitality/energy levels/thought patterns; the list goes on.

One unfortunate outcome is that when it comes to our health, some of us have started to think in boxes. I’m well or I’m not well. I’m broken or I’m fixed. This is exactly how the pharmaceutical companies want us to think, but that is a story for another day. I prefer to think of health as momentum, you are either improving in health or declining in health.

It is a case of moving in one direction or another rather than being still in any one box. The interesting thing about health is that although there is a very definite bottom, there is no discernible top. We can continue to improve our health in more and more subtle ways as our bodies physiology and neurology improve.

Start out with a few stretches here and there, cut out a bit of salt, and then ultimately, practice yoga and meditation for 2.5 hours a day along with triathlon training, eat a vegan diet and save people lives on a daily basis whilst spending your evenings enlightening children’s lives and spending quality time with friends and family. Or more realistically somewhere in between. The amount of effort (and the subsequent rewards in vitality and energy and living a pain free life) are yours to choose.

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  1. Mary says:

    Really enjoyed this article about “Boxes”. Working in the ‘caring’ profession, I find the daily grind of filling out boxes takes me further away from enabling people coming to terms with a health crisis and/or other types of life changing issues. We spend more time trying to not give people help by filling boxes with ticks.

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