Chocolate money pots

You have heard of the saying as useful as a chocolate tea pot, well what if you could find a use for them?

As some of you know I have one vice left. Having spent the past fifteen years since first going to see a chiropractor building healthy habits, the one I have not been able to crack is sugar (I am not counting caffiene as a vice, nor gin, nor crack cocaine, these are all healthy alternatives to being bored…)

Sugar however is a real problem, particularly as diabetes runs in my family (well maybe not runs, more sits on the couch watching Eastenders) and in order to avoid this similar fate. I mean who wants to spend the last few (10?)(20?) years of their life living with the symptoms of diabetes??? I must cut down my sugar.

So far cold turkey has failed, limiting it to weekends has failed, as has sitting on my hand until it goes numb and looking the other way whilst I eat it pretending it is someone else who is eating (ok, so I have only just come up with that idea now and haven’t tried it (yet)).

However I may have figured it out. Every time I go to buy a bar of chocolate (which is a POUND by the way, well 80p for a bar of chocolate!!), I’ll put the money into a chocolate money pot instead, or maybe a clay one will be better, either way, Save the money(!) like smokers are asked to.

Then we can accumulate (cough cough er £3 a week?)(Ok maybe more like £7 a week) toward the gorge on chocolate once a year fund, er I mean holiday fund(!!), well thats, hang on just let me work it out, £156 or £365 a year!! Crikey.

I feel like I am on to a winner. We could also put a pound in the pot every time we moan about policitians (oh hang on I am not that rich), perhaps every time I cycle to work instead of getting the bus I should put that money into a bike fund as well!

Bus is £1.60 each way 4 times a week. £12.80 a week = £640 a year!

Between chocolate and bus fares that is a minimum of £796 a year!

(I should also introduce a fine for using exclamation marks!!)

Maybe you have a similar method in place already? Or want to use the cash saving to incentivise you to make a change in your life? If you want to up the stakes, you can include your friends/family/chiropractor in a healthy bet, placing the money in trust and only getting it back if you complete (or abstain) from a particular task…

Have fun and please let me know if you use it.

Yours in health – Dr Gary

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