Coke Habits and Congruency

Successful people develop habits of excellence and perform them with optical attitude and energy. Our habits and the energy behind them will play a significant role in out level of achievement.

So it is worth taking a look at your own habits – examining and refining your patters of behaviour will come back to reward you many times over.

For example, I am fortunate to have never really got into drinking soda as a child (as I have mentioned before Frosties was my downfall). However with my accrued knowledge I am pleased that our daughters are being raised in house without fizzy drinks, just the occasional fruit juice (but never from concentrate). But we all know that many children are growing up drinking soda everyday, for some even more than once a day. You may have even grown up that way yourself?

Most of us probably have an intuitive sense that such a practice is less than ideal, but a recent post by Nriaj Naik, also known was the Renegade Pharmacist, provided some revealing physiological details about the effects of drinking a can of Coca-Cola.

In the first ten minutes after drinking a Coke, Naik writes, your body is blasted with ten teaspoons of sugar, a whole day’s supply in one shot. At twenty minutes, your liver scoops up the sugar and turns in into fat. At forty minutes, the caffeine is fully absorbed, your blood pressure rises and you feel wired.

At this point, your dopamine production is jacked up, which turbo charges your pleasure centres, not unlike the action of heroin. Your feel elated. In the next hour though, valuable mandrills like calcium, magnesium and zinc are leached out and urinated away, and you crash when your blood sugar plummets, creating the urge for – you guessed it, another Coke.

If you can imagine this sequence repeated throughout each day, day after day, for weeks, months and years for so many of citizens you can understand why so many are obese or overweight (at the last count we have the largest kids in Europe), why diabetes is rampant, and why such a large percentage of our neighbours are on medications, to try to neutralise the impact of their poor lifestyle decision. It is a vicious cycle we can help break.

This is just one example of how what seems like an innocent daily treat can cause unforeseen problems. Survey your own habits – are you looking the other way on addiction, like coffee, sugar, smoking or alcohol? Are there better habits you could implement, like exercise, meditation, sound nutrition, or raising your standards?

Many years ago a mother brought her son to Gandhi and asked if he would advise him to stop eating sugar. He told them to come back in six weeks. When she protested, he held firm. Six weeks later, when they returned, Gandhi looked into the young man’s eyes and said, “Stop eating sugar.” His mum asked, “Why could’t you do that six weeks ago?” Gandhi replied calmly, “Six weeks ago, I was eating sugar.”

Be congruent, committed a consistent to build the life of your dreams by eating better, thinking better, moving better and utilising chiropractic to optimise your bodies function.

Dr Gary – White Tree Chiropractic

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