Driving a wedge

You are you and you are perfect.

You may or may not have an idea about who you ‘should be’. This is where the problems can begin. If you can imagine holding an image of who you want to be; how healthy you will be, how much you will earn, what you should look like and you compare it to who you are right now; how healthy you are, how much you earn and what you look like.

Modern western society, in particular the corporations, advertise incessantly to create in your minds eye an image of who you should be, driving a wedge between the real you and the person you ‘should be’.

This isn’t necessarily a ‘bad thing’, for it can engender desire and achievement and people striving to go out into the world and change it. This is particularly true if, once you have an idea in your mind of who you want to become, you create a plan of how to get there, and then work that plan step by step, using your sense of humour and support of family and friends to deal with set backs along the way.

Problems can arise when the person you feel you should be, becomes so far out of reach that stress and distress is the outcome. More and more people are experiencing the stress, and the subsequent back pain and neck pain of pushing themselves to their absolute limit in order to achieve and maintain the ‘marketed self’.

It makes sense for companies and corporations to sell you this image of your ideal self, and it makes sense for them to drive a wedge between who you are and who you should be, for it is the creation of this gap that allows them to sell to you. Profit comes from filling this gap in your wants and needs with their products. Want to be more cool, buy an iphone, want to attract the perfect partner, buy this shampoo… As I have said this is not necessarily a  bad thing, but it helps to make it explicit, which is why I am writing this article.

Without stating it explicitly, people can end up in debt, with spiralling levels of stress, pain, sickness, dissociation, violence and crime, all with the aim of filling this ‘gap’.

Chiropractic is here to help you build strength and resilience in your spine, brain and nerve system in order to deal with the stress of modern life more effectively, allowing you to work from day to day from a higher energy level and so achieve more before the body starts to break down under the weight of stress.

I advocate exercise and correct nutritional habits to support you in the pursuit of extra energy to achieve.

I also recommend meditation as a way of uncovering patterns of tension in your body/mind, and I also utilise NSA (a gentle form of chiropractic) to help you uncover your own patterns of tension, often buried deep in your nerve system. The additional outcome of continued work with both meditation and NSA is that you narrow the gap between your authentic self and the image of who you ‘should be’. Eventually coming to realise that who you are is all you need to be. You are perfect already.

With this realisation, comes awareness of what unique gifts you bring to the world, and the energy to continually offer them in the face of support and opposition.

Chiropractic also improves spinal motion aiding you in your creation of a perfect brain map of where your body is in space, leading to improved coordination of movement and therefore better, more efficient movement. Its not all deep spiritual insight, there is something for the surface dwellers.

It is also true that even once you become deeply aware of your authentic self and live from this norm, you are aided in your pursuit of your dreams by reconditioning your body/mind to become more efficient and act more effectively, this process is ongoing, despite the viewpoint that you are perfect already. It is a wonderful paradox.

In summary then, chiropractic lifestyle is here to help you be more comfortable in your own skin, whilst simultaneously improving the function of your body and mind (and therefore your brain) so that you can pursue your dreams (even if that involves 8 hour stints at a desk), without succumbing to the effects of stress (neck pain, back pain, headaches, high blood pressure, recurrent colds and flu, possibly even lifestyle cancers…).

Yours in health – Dr Gary

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