Eliminate sugar!! – week 1

So here goes.

Ok so it has been a long time coming and is long long long overdue, but now is the time to begin the sugar detox. (I realise that health conscious people have moved past sugar and are on to challenges like, can you survive eating for only £1 a day, however I know the answer to that question already).

Can you remember a time before the internet? Difficult to imagine isn’t it. Relying on parents and teachers and magazines and the tv for information it is a wonder any of us survived. Why am I mentioning this? Well I was brought up on Frosties (fortified with vitamins and minerals so it must be healthy right?) and milk, everyday for breakfast. Literally everyday. Is it a wonder then that I developed a sugar addiction? No, quite simply, no. We didn’t know any better. And well it was fortified with vitamins! I dread to think what the sugar content would be, but I would be surprised if it was less than 20%.

And yes, sugar is addictive.

So why now?

Well, since starting chiropractic care in my mid twenties I have gradually incorporated health principles into my lifestyle bit by bit, taking up more balanced exercise (Yoga and cycling mostly), bringing in meditation (now a daily habit), laughing everyday, the list goes on. However diet has always been the slowest element of change in all of this. I have gradually, and finally changed to a vegetarian diet, which was in part how I justified continuing to eat refined sugar, but the time has most definitely come to cut it out.

It has been shown to affect mood, for the worst, damage arteries, obviously it can bring about diabetes, which runs in our family on my mothers side, it’ll worsen your illness by feeding the bacteria and can be one of the causative factors for cancer, the list goes on, and for what? Ok I like a good cake or a biscuit with a cup of tea, but will I miss it if I cut if out? Will the benefits outweigh the cost? This is what I plan to find out!

Below are links to an article and a video on the effects of sugar on health.

It is sugar not fat, that is exposed as the deadly villain in the obesity epidemic.


Is sugar toxic?


I will keep you up to date on my progress, but please feel free to add any comments below or to my Facebook page.

Yours in health

Dr Gary Blackwood

White Tree Chiropractic

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2 Responses to Eliminate sugar!! – week 1

  1. Mandy Orr says:

    I grew up on sugar puffs (yum) and sugar in tea, sweets on Saturday. By the time I reached adulthood I was eating sugar daily and a card-carrying addict. Previous attempts to kick the habit have lasted no more than 12 weeks but the growing sense of dismay at the decline in my health has been a call to arms. I decided to remove sugar the same time I started NSA with you – a fresh start I thought – why not? My first 10 weeks have gone well, but with a holiday ahead will my resolve crumble when I see the ice cream stalls by the beach?

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