Act your way to a new way of thinking, is better than thinking your way to a new way of acting.

A beautiful quote I think you will agree.

Kundalini yoga puts it more abruptly. Saints Do, Idiots Think.

Yet another way to approach this follows on from the statement that – There is no such thing as failure only feedback.

In order to learn and therefore grow we need to be willing to make mistakes. If we spend our time thinking and trying to come up with an all conquering concept or idea, we may or may not achieve it, but whilst we are thinking about it, life passes us by.

The most crippling extension of this is being a perfectionist. Sitting on the sidelines, refusing to join in until all the answers are figured out internally. There are so many lines of enquiry that this can go on for ever. And then when we finally we step off of the sidelines to join in, it doesn’t go as planned and we take failure personally.

This argument can be taken in two different directions. One is to encourage you to take action, take risks in order to gain the rewards. This can be applied to any level of action, from being more healthy (by doing exercise, eating better or getting adjusted), to building your own business, to becoming a more accomplished artist.  The other argument is to encourage to you to be open and honest about your mistakes. Don’t bury them in shame, and pretend they never happened, for this surely leads to illness. But instead honestly report on the mistake (to yourself first) and then learn from it. If you do not you are destined to make the same mistake over and over again until you do learn.

The cosmic joke is that once you have learned the lesson from that way of thinking (and acting), you open yourself up to a higher energy level with more complex problems which require more energy and ‘better’ thinking to solve. A higher level of mind.

So the problems never go away, they just become harder. And for this we need to be grateful, for if we encounter the same level of problem over and over again we are going nowhere, but ‘Ah’ once we are encountering more difficult problems, then it shows us that we are evolving. A fine thing indeed.

Yours in health – Dr Gary

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