Forward Head Posture

A few simple questions to begin.

How much does the average human head weigh?

What happens to the head during periods of emotional stress?

What about the postural stress of sitting at a desk for long periods?

On average the human head weighs 12lbs, each inch of forward head carriage, in effect, is an additional 10lbs of weight. Similarly for every 15 degrees of head tilt the head weighs an additional 15lbs.

Therefore with 3 inches of forward head carriage you head weighs 42lbs, and for 45 degrees of forward head tilt your head weighs 45lbs. These are obviously approximate, but imagine having to carry those weights around at arms length all day. Is it any wonder people end up with neck pain and headaches?

Emotional stress also causes your head to move forward having a similar knock on effect to its weight, as does the posture of sitting at a desk.

The problem is that the modern Western lifestyle has us all under chronic low levels of stress, changing our head position (and also affecting our physiology – but that is for another day), leading to neck and back pain and headaches.

What can be done about it?

Well this is where chiropractic can help, as can your daily exercise regime, please see the blog post – 10 Day Challenge – for your daily exercises, and please come and speak to me if you have any questions.

Yours in health
Dr Gary

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