“Gallery Back”

Once again a discussion with a patient throws up an important point.

As an aside, it has been amazing to watch this patients progress in such a short space of time, given how limited her movement was, and how much pain she was in when she first presented at the clinic. To the point where now she is going to visit an art gallery again.

I mentioned the danger inherent in wondering around a Gallery and she noted she was fully aware of “Gallery Back”, something I know as “Shoppers Back”.

When we advise walking it is of the get out there and walk variety, whether or not you are taking in hills or just walking on the flat, the aim is to walk fast enough that both arms are swinging. When we go out shopping, or when we go to galleries there is a danger that we may shuffle. Taking in the sights and sounds and hardly picking up any pace at all. When this happens we rest on our joints, particularly in the low back. You may have noticed that your feet and low back ache more after a day in town then they do after a day in the hills!!

Please just be aware of the phenomenon, try to walk boldly from point to point and then when standing still, squeeze the gluteal muscles. You know which muscles I mean.

I hope this was of some use to you.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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  1. Mary says:

    Works for selling at Craft Fairs too!

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