Health banking account

So the crazy time is approaching.

A time for family, fun and overindulgence… So how can we approach the holidays in the correct manner..?

Well imagine your body is a financial institution. No I don’t mean your body is about to collapse, is untrustworthy or will unconsciously shred evidence of your chocolate eating before you consciously notice it (although the latter may happen).

What I mean is, that in order to make withdrawals the safest way is to make sure you have made enough in deposits so that you do not go into your overdraft and start getting charged.

So the belated point is to make health deposits now. As many as you can in preparation for Christmas so that you can make some withdrawals.

Withdrawals come in the form of stresses, emotional stresses (I am sure you know what these are), chemical stresses (yes well this goes without saying) and physical stresses (all the extra driving, sitting around, less activity, some new kind of activity trying out the christmas presents etc etc).

What are your deposits? Well in the run up to Christmas make sure your spine is well adjusted, take plenty of extra vegetables and fruit, rest, sleep well and maintain your exercise habits. Try your best to continue these over the festive period, but make a concentrated effort now to build your health balance and allow yourself a few minor liberties when the time comes.

Have fun

Yours in health – Dr Gary

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