In an age of individualism

“You cannot take away someone’s story without giving them a new one. It is not enough to challenge an old narrative, however outdated and discredited it may be. Change happens only when you replace one story with another. When we develop the right story, and learn how to tell it, it will infect the minds of people across the political spectrum.”

This is a really important statement on the individual level. Adam Curtis says that our time is one of individualism, that the collective is not trusted and it is only ones own voice and authenticity that is believed. Trying to find and express our individual authentic voice seems to be the standard of our time.

What if the story you tell about your life isn’t serving you? What if in your story you believe that health is something that happens to you, or success is a result of outside forces? Do you cast yourself as hero or victim? What you have in your life is a reflection of the story you tell about yourself, within which are embedded your beliefs and values.

The main focus we have here is that your health story be one of self determination and robust health, i.e. You get to choose how healthy you are by the choices you make and the actions you take. Now obviously if it was as easy as that everyone would be healthy, it requires that you bed the healthy story into your subconscious and act on it everyday. Yes everyday.

Even if you  have genetic factors set against you, you must take action everyday. The more you have certain diseases within your family the healthier you have to be. Even if you already have the genetic illness, such as the inflammatory condition, or the heart condition, being healthy is even more important.

Then the question becomes what must I do everyday in order to be healthy?

Well there are no (ok few) secrets anymore, so you must take care of your body through exercise (the three s’s), nutrition, rest, having the right mental attitude (which includes having a purpose) and access to clean running water.

Within my story is the importance of a spine and nerve system that functions optimally, which is why I still attended my fortnightly chiropractic appointments even after 15 years of care.

So what is your story? How do you intertwine your life story with one that includes robust health, high energy, positive relationships, great recovery and plentiful sleep?

The deeper point is that the pathways through your nerve system that are the stories you tell yourself, the actions you take and the results you get are all part of the same system. Re-wiring your nerve system and brain for a healthy, strong, energetic life and strong balanced relationships depends upon a nerve system that supports that.

Re-wiring your nerve system for more efficient rest/recovery, improved posture (which affects energy levels, lung function, mental attitude, self-esteem) and improved brain balance through cranial work is exactly what we do here.

You manifest your own destiny. Your health is in your hands, no matter the scale and size of the challenges you face.

So take a moment to write your own story the way you want it  told. Pick a day in the life of (yourself) and write it out in long hand exactly how you want you the day to be;

“I wake at 5am feeling rested and energised. Quietly rolling out of bed and spending the next 90 minutes completing exercise and meditation. Making some notes in my personal success journal or reading a chapter of a book I then join my family for a hearty and healthy vegetarian breakfast, before heading to my chiropractor for my  spinal check…” and so it goes on.

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