Investments are subject to market forces

As you may know this clinic engages in a great deal of business networking. Always looking to meet new people, develop relationships and turn people on to the idea of making healthy choices.

In a recent conversation with an investment banker, I realised the amount of overlap there is between the professions, but how the one key difference makes a wealth of difference.

Firstly the overlap is that his job is to help people take the long term view when it comes to investing financially, communicating to his clients not to panic when the market goes up and down and to stay the course. The rewards by making the correct choices, staying abreast of change and thinking long term are many fold.

This is the same when it comes to your health. Long term thinking is the best strategy. How healthy do you want to be in 7 years time? What will get you there, and how do you stay the course? Well I am here as a resource for you. Through personal experience, practice member experience and extensive reading in the realm of what it takes to be healthy I share with you the habits that work.

We also work with your spine to ensure that all the joints are doing their fair share of the movement and that most importantly the internal map (in your brain) of the body is accurate.

The major difference between health and finance is that health is not subject to market forces. Sure, the culture may throw up a few stress inducing suprises from time to time, but the research is solid, that making healthy choices again and again, day after day, creates health. And that comes down to you, and you alone. (Although we are here to support you:).

Invest in your health, not just to manage any health crisis, but in the long term, so that your future self will thank you for creating a body and mind that are up to the task of aging well, both physically and mentally.

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