Is the pain the problem?

We have all experienced pain at some point. But then some of us deal with it. Others of us ignore it until it goes away. (this works on many levels physical, financial etc)(and also fails to work on many levels..)

Even when the pain has gone, has the underlying cause gone as well? I would argue no, it hasn’t.

As an example of how the body works, if you will excuse the base use of language here, when we suppress the need to urinate, the issue has not been dealt with, but for a while at least the symptoms are no longer present.

You see, the body is a miracle of adaption so it adapts away from the pain, creating a slight shift in your posture so that you no longer feel the pain. You now have a posture that is a little less efficient then it used to be and slightly more susceptible to injury.

The next episode of pain (for surely it will arrive) tends to last a little longer, or you find the period between painful episodes shortening.

However just like the example, the next episode of pain, tends to be a little bit more urgent. Ignoring it only works so far, eventually it will be bad enough that we cannot ignore it, and then we have to unwind all of the weeks/months/years of sidelined problems, which why it often takes so much hard work to correct the underlying cause.

If only we had dealt with it 5 – 10 – 15 years ago, maybe we wouldn’t have seen this progression in symptoms.

When you ignore back pain, the body adapts, changing your posture (look in the mirror, are you hips, shoulders and ears all parallel with the floor? Or has there been a shift?).

This adaption allows you to go about your life, but with a little bit less energy than before (oh thats just age you say, is it? is it?), a little less joy de vevre.

Unwinding the tension pattern is one of the aims of this clinic, to give you more energy, a more balanced system and improved function, oh and symptoms drop away as a side effect.

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