My Creaky Bike Chain

Oh yes, the story begins a few weeks ago on a Wednesday morning (side note – never trust a weather APP!), on the way  in to work, the thunderstorms predicted for late morning arrived at precisely 8.20 whilst I waited patiently on my bike at the lights by the Haymarket bar. How far is that from the office? Maybe 500 meters? Well it was far enough to become COMPLETELY soaked. Fortunately spare clothes are always at hand, and you’ll notice we only get the best paper towels nowadays… Handy…

The next morning on my cycle in, the chain was creaky. Well of course, any semblance of oil would have been washed away in the terrential thunderstorm ( I mean honestly, I would have been less wet if I’d sat on my bike in the shower at home for 5 minutes…). It never occurred to me to oil the chain on getting home after working late, and so the bike required some maintainence over the weekend before cycling again the following week.

And that is my point, I must make a conscious effort to maintain my bike. It won’t take care of itself.

Segway please.

Your body/mind is amazing!!

It not only beats your heart, and transfers oxygen from the environment into your blood cells and converts that apple you ate into eyeball cells so that you can perceive the environment around you. It does it all without conscious effort!! I mean look around you, at all that has ever been created by man has come about as a result of the amazing human brain doing miraculous tasks in each moment, including growing you from two cells to 7 billion!! The average sized adult body is a community of 7 billion cells each performing 100,000 chemical reactions every second!! Good job your brain takes care of business without you having to think too much about it.

There is a conscious element to it though. Just the slightest bit of self maintainence, a few more vegetables, stretching daily, your regular adjustments, all allow your body to truly shine, to optimise its function and allow you to create your own Rembrandt each and every day in the life you live and by the choices you make.

Your life IS a masterpiece, and your body/mind is unrivalled in its magnificence. The slightest maintenance is all it needs to be truly vibrant.

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