New Year – New You

Happy New Year, although a little belatedly…

So, random question. Have you ever wondered whether your eye ball is the same eye ball you had when you were 6 years old? (keep reading – it is going somewhere)

I guess the answer is probably not, but now your wondering, well my eye is probably bigger than it was when I was 6, so its probably got new cells that have grown onto it, rather then the cells just expanding in size… What about the skin cells? What about my hair? Now that must have changed.

Well the truth is that very nearly ALL cells and parts of the body are constantly changing (with only two exceptions). Old cells are dying and new ones are being grown in their place. Not only is it true of eyeball cells, and skin cells, and hair cells, but also kidney cells and even bone cells. This constant turnover of cells draws on the food we eat and the water we drink to make up the new cells. So we are what we eat, well we know that already.

So tell me something I dont know… Well, there are different schools of thought, but the general estimate is that 99% of cells are changed every 7 years. Which means that in 7 years time only 1% of the person you see in the mirror will be made of the same cells.

So I am literally a different person than the one I was 7 years ago. And with skin cells and blood cells changing so rapidly I am actually a different person than the one I was yesterday.

Therefore no matter how old you are, you are constantly changing, and so each time you are presented with a choice – Healthy or Not Healthy – know that that choice is shaping and building current and future versions of yourself. Starting now you will build yourself an entirely new body over the next 7 years, its up to YOU how healthy it is.

Choosing chiropractic will help you strengthen your nerve system  and as muscles can only do what nerves tell them to do, will also strengthen overall body, so that you can build the structure you want to stay healthy in the long term.

Combine this with correct nutrition and the right exercises and no matter where your at you can become healthier over the following weeks, months and years.

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ps The question of constant cell regeneration also brings up philosophical questions of the nature of the self and personal identity, however if you want that conversation you’ll have to join me for a cup of tea…

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