What a glorious games we witnessed!

Athlete after athlete showing what it takes to become the best in the world, with grit, honed talent and obvious signs of hard work and sacrifice to get them to the top. Even those that failed to medal still put in tremendous effort to get to the olympics as the very best in their own country.

As well as a platform for the better well known sports, it is an opportunity to see the sports that have less coverage. Badminton was excellent, the divers a picture of grace and precision, even the taekwondo was exciting to witness.

So many heroes to choose from, difficult to pick a favourite. Amazing to witness Usain Bolt win the treble treble (albeit the following morning, 2.30 is too late for me). Adam Peaty in the swimming, these guys seem to work harder than the average olympian. The cyclists nailed it after a few disappointing world championships. Boxers, rowers, canoeists, gymnastics(!), did that really happen, a gold in the gymnastics? Amazing.

Which was your favourite? (Andy? I’m guessing Andy…) And more importantly, most importantly, which athlete has inspired you to put on the trainers, cycle the bike, climb to the top of the 10 meter board???

What is the legacy? We have to accept that the government do their best, but creating a healthy population is not top of their priorities, they have other things to worry about. If you are to maintain your own health, it is entirely up to you. We are here to support you, as are others in your health team, however you are the one that gets to choose in each moment whether to get off the bus one stop early, or go for a walk after dinner, or wake up ten minutes early to stretch after your shower. You. No one else. No one can stop you, but no one can do it for you.

If you are ready to take it beyond simple exercise, then choose a sport, or a sporting hobby, find some like minded people, and join in. Be a part of the olympic legacy, whether it is roller blading along Porty promenade, swimming in your local pool, or even following in Andy’s footsteps and hitting tennis balls over a net, Please pick one:)

I look forward to hearing of your successes, and the hurdles along the way (oops there is another one).

Yours in health –┬áDr Gary

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