School Health Weeks

This week has been fantastic. I have had the pleasure of going into two primary schools to talk to their pupils about health. Specifically neurological health and spinal health. Two things that are both affected by overall health but also require some special attention. The fact that both schools have been primary schools has been extra special (especially when it comes to the questions at the end…). Being part of the team that sets children up with health habits that will continue to serve them throughout their lives, allowing them to make better choices and giving them a healthier body and mind, allowing them to do and achieve ANYTHING they want in life, is a great feeling.

That really is the crux of all health decisions. It is not just that being healthy allows you a heart that works more efficiently or lungs that are better at exchanging oxygen with the blood, or a gut that digests food more effectively. Being healthy allows you to do and achieve all of your dreams and goals. Want to excel in sport? Then a healthy body is essential. Want to enjoy a better nights sleep? Then exhaustion from increased exercise (which relies on a healthy body) makes it possible. And for those that do struggle to sleep, the advice is simple. Swim for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening, and mark my words your sleep will improve. What if it is achievement at work or at school that really gets your excited? Then once again and healthy body and mind provide the basis for getting it done.

All in all, health, (no need for the prefix good, as the definition of health is ‘a state of optimal physical, social and mental well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’ – World Health Organisation) is required to achieve everything and anything that you want to achieve, no matter your age.

Make the choice today to start improving your health and give yourself the gift of a body and mind that can achieve at work and still have the energy to enjoy fun activities in your spare time. (oh and you’ll have less pain too…)

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