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Ski holidays tend to be quite short, why waste a day or two because you are not fit enough? Or even worse put yourself at risk of injury? Start today and do a little more each week.

So the question is, how to get fit in the shortest space of time with the lowest risk of injury.

The obvious exercises are squats, calf raises, plank (with bracing) and side plank. If you are going to take on moguls then some vibrational plate training will also help (

If it has been a while use the exercises for 15-30 seconds each 2 to 3 times a week. If you are stronger than that, then do 1 to 3 sets of exercises that last a minute (or more).

Squats – against a wall – breathe and maintain. Progress to free standing, with weights then onto an unstable surface.

Calf raises – Either on step or on level ground.

Active bridge, for hamstrings and gluteals. Lay on your back, bring your heels in, tuck the pelvis and push up with the gluteal muscles to form straight line from neck to knees. Be specific and ensure your pelvis is in neutral. This can also be progressed, but requires someone watching you to avoid the pelvis dropping. Ask your personal trainer, or stop by 2 Chester Street.

Side lunges for adductors, progress to include weights held close to body.

Wood chops. Love this exercise, feet hip width apart, bend at the waist, inhale up and exhale down, with natural pause at end of movement. Alternate your chopping left, right and centre.

Plank – elbows on floor under shoulders, with hands together, then a straight line through the neck to the hips and on to the feet. No bend, or sag. If you can have someone place a broom handle on your back it should rest between your shoulders and touch both the back of your head and your pelvis.

This started out as a paragraph then I may have got a little carried away. Still there are only 6 exercises which I would use to develop strength alongside stretching exercises and cardiovascular exercises.

(please do not do sit ups or dead lifts – unless you feel absolutely strong enough to do them, even then I do not recommend them).

If you have any questions about this blog on simple skiĀ fitness, please leave a comment below or send me an email.

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