Was it fun for you, a hindrance or a bit of both?

This weeks blog post asks what is your capacity for managing stress? or how much additional stress can you take on before you reach the limit of your capacity?

For many the snow proved to be a time where the limits of their capacity where tested.

The routines or habits that define our life give us our capacity for managing stress. But all that training is for when things go south, or awry, so that when we are really up against it, do we still have the bandwidth to manage the additional stress without our life/work/emotions/body straining at the seams and starting to break down.

If you find that the addition of extra unexpected stress leads to poor decision making, a shorter fuse, ill-health such as a cold or headaches, then you are running close to your bandwidth of the stress capacity you can deal with. Pain is another way your body expresses this lack of capacity, however pain tends to come much further down the pathway and never really needs to be experienced once you understand how to apply chiropractic habits into your lifestyle.

If you have these symptoms turning up in your life without any additional stresses being thrown in, then you are depleting your resources and you really need to take stock and take measures to increase your capacity to manage stress.

So whether your day to day stresses are proving too much or if you find you dont have the capacity to deal with additional unexpected stresses, then chiropractic, along with certain types of exercise, certain types of food, and meditation should be at the forefront of your mind to take action now, to increase your capacity.

Yours in health

Dr Gary

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