White Tree Chiropractic - Testimonials

White Tree Chiropractic – Testimonials

Below are some wonderful testimonials, written and video format, from a handful of patients, some of which have been truly life changing.  Any current practice member’s looking to add to the book, please feel free to forward your entry to gary@whitetreechiro.co.uk
White Tree Chiropractic
“To Dr. Gary (Doctor of Chiropractic) and all the team at White Tree for all the support you have given,

Dr. Gary (Doctor of Chiropractic) has qualities, he watches, he knows when things are not working properly, he listens, if you are anxious about concerns he will allow you to talk.  He takes time for people, he helps with his hands and you get better.  When I needed to have a hip replacement, Gary knew of a surgeon who could help and I was able to self refer and was operated on before I needed a wheelchair.  Now, with his help, I am so much better than I was.

With thanks and all good wishes.

Warmest regards,

White Tree ChiropracticMy name is Alison and I came into chiropractic treatment when over 10 years ago I damaged by back through a stressful and heavy lifting job, after 3 months off work I vowed that I would never allow it to happen again. By chance my chiropractor started NSA (network spinal analysis) and from then I was hooked, less manipulation meant longer periods of results for me and I was delighted.  Since working with Gary I see that it is not just back/body pain that NSA can benefit, I feel more at ease in my own body, less stressed and have a greater understanding of how my body works and recognising the signs that it is not happy. It has helped me through family illness with my mum and made me stronger as a person.

I have always loved photography and being outdoors but always struggled with my back with long hill walks regardless of how fit I was.  Since NSA I have been able to conquer a number of Munros including Ben Nevis and Snowdon, the Bright Angel hike down the Grand Canyon and the scary Angels landing hike in Zion NP were two of my favourites.  I continually love to challenge myself and the next one for me is to get myself fitter in order to undertake the 10 hour hike through the Chilean mountains and hopefully Everest base camp in two years’ time.  I know it will take strength of mind just as much as strength of body!

For anyone unsure then all I can say is try it and you won’t be disappointed.



Grand Canyon

White Tree ChiropracticI came to Gary last year with chronic back pain after an ongoing problem with an injury that wasn’t healing properly. Through working with Gary I have now come to really trust the natural movement of my spine and what I need to be doing to support my own healing and recovery. With Gary’s incredible precise and intuitive skill and care I have almost made a full recovery, and with his on-going support and input I also feel much more confident in going forward with more resource and a healthy spine and overall well-being. Working on the underlying structure to support its realignment has made all the difference. I can only highly recommend Gary as a Network Practitioner; if you are interested in a gentler form of chiropractic which very much supports a more natural form of healing and encourages personal responsibility.

Thank you, Gary, for all your hard and excellent work!

Helena Alder
Integral Master CoachTM and Dentist
White Tree Chiropractic
White Tree Chiropractic
Dear Gary,

I have had back pain on and off since I was a child, I saw multiple chiropractors for years up until my late teens when I gave up and resigned to the fact that nothing was going to help my back and just suffered with it. I have also always had terrible posture, and was forever being told to ‘stand up straight’ but trying to do this and hold it for more than a few seconds hurt my back so much that I quickly reverted to my slouching position.

This year I was suffering from incredible pain in my lower back that was prevent me from moving that I was taking far too many painkillers and using pain relief gel but even with all of this, the pain was persistent. I started going to Gary and I was amazed by the results, after only 8 sessions not only has the pain subsided considerably, but for the first time in my life my posture has improved so much that I am ‘standing up straight’ effortlessly!

Gary is friendly and calm and he explains what is wrong with your back and how and why the method be uses works. A treatment is a very pleasant and relaxing experience from which you walk away feeling light and tension free.

Emma L
White Tree Chiropractic
 Dear Dr. Blackwood (Doctor of Chiropractic),

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kindness during the weeks I have been coming to see you. When I first attended the clinic I was almost crippled with my back so much so I could not get around unless I used two sticks. You also diagnosed ‘straight away’ my problem when I explained where the pains were. I am so glad to say my back is almost 100% better in now and I feel so much better in myself after all the work you have done. Thanking you once again.

Mr J.H.
White Tree Chiropractic

Dear Gary,

(Benign Positional Vertigo)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are a miracle worker. One treatment and I am cured. I have to say it was severely tested that night. We were up at the cottage in the Highlands and Hamish was totally disoriented when he woke up four times in the night. Usually I just wake and open my eyes, but that night I must have been really in a deep sleep and leapt out of bed and only afterwards realised that I was not dizzy. Yours sincerely,

Mrs J.S.
White Tree ChiropracticDear Dr Gary (Doctor of Chiropractic),

We are writing to thank you for joining is with our health week and teaching us about our spines and how to look after our bodies. We also enjoyed the exercises. I found it interesting. We really enjoyed health week and we hope that you visit again. Yours sincerely,

Jake (P6)
White Tree ChiropracticDear Gary,

When I first went to the chiropractor I initially thought it to be expensive, which it is. At the beginning of your treatment you feel as though your hand is never out of your pocket. Well let me reassure you its worth it. I work in a care home for the elderly and didn’t realise how bad my back had become till I started going to Gary. It does take time, but I feel a whole new lease of life. I go out hillwalking most weeks and this has greatly improved too. Having suffered from a painful right hip and both knees aching when descending the hills (wear and tear my doctor said, take pain relief) well no pain from my hip and can descend most of the hill before knees start to ach. So seeing Gary has really helped with other problems that I didn’t relate to my back. I’m now on the monthly program feeling great, as a result of my progress I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gary to anyone.

Mrs A.H.
White Tree Chiropractic

This video by Dr Wayne Dyer endorses the technique of CRT which is utilised in this office, but as you will see from the video, the late great Dr Wayne Dyer, was not present at this office in Edinburgh.
White Tree Chiropractic
White Tree Chiropractic