The 7 Billion Piece Orchestra

Imagine if you will that every single man, woman and child on the face of the planet picked up an instrument and started playing music. WHAT A CACOPHONY OF NOISE and what job it would be to coordinate them all!!

That in essence is one of the jobs of your brain. The average adult human has approximately 7 billion cells, allowing for those without a direct nerve supply leaves approximately 5 billion (!) sending information to the brain!

Back to the analogy. As your brain looks out over the orchestra pit, rather than try to pick out the sounds of individual instruments, the conductor (your brain) will learn to recognise patterns of harmony and discord. The harmony represents areas of the body that are working as planned (at 100% health and function), whereas the discord is representative of dis-ease which could lead to disease if left unchecked. Some people may call these stories, but that is one for those in the know…xt

Some patterns are easier for the brain to “hear” than others depending upon your history with sport, or music or meditation etc.

The more you use an area the louder the sound from that part of the orchestra. So dancers for example will have more refined control over their muscles because that part of the orchestra is well tuned and plays loudly. A guitarist will have a well trained hands and therefore will hear clearly with precise detail what is happening there.

The aim of the conductor (the brain) is to coordinate all parts of the orchestra and have them playing their tunes in harmony, which as I am sure you can imagine is a difficult job.

As a Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) Chiropractor my aim is find which parts of your body are in harmony and which are in discord, and help you become aware of them.

The reason this is necessary is due to our modern and stressful lifestyles. Stress causes your conductor turns his back on your orchestra pit to focus his attention on the outside world. And like Marty McFly your musicians fade and the sound becomes quieter and quieter as you focus more and more on the outside world and less and less on the inside world. The nerves becoming weaker and weaker until you can only hear your body when it is in such a state of discord that it produces disease or pain.

Not everyone hears even that, as the sound has become so distant that the first message they hear is a fatal one…

NSA then turns your conductor to face the pit and hear the tune. As does meditation, exercise, conscious breathing techniques (such as SRI). Then as you learn to hear the orchestra again you pick up on patterns of harmony and discord and start to make changes to how the music is being played.

The spine is very difficult for you to hear directly, but as the conduit through which most information is passed, patterns of tension in your body give you a secondary feel for how the spine is functioning, like watching a small dog run through long grass. Whereas, as a Chiropractor working with the spine gives me a indication as to how well the rest of the body is functioning. Oh so that is why chiropractors work with the spine, I thought it was because they dealt with back pain…

If you will allow me a personal opinion, then we can extend the analogy one step further. Imagine if you will that right in the middle of the orchestra pit is your favourite instrument. Only one of them. And both the musician and their instrument are both translucent and bright white. If first you learn to hear its song and then teach the rest of the orchestra to play the tune of that one instrument, then the world is your oyster and this ultimately is my intention for you.

This may be why one couple came in to say they didn’t know why, but felt that NSA has somehow influenced their decision to move to the south of France…

In technical speak, your subconscious brain processes about 40 million bits of information each second, and through various filters lets about 40 bits of information through to the conscious mind (the limit of its capacity)1. Through NSA entrainments the priorities are temporarily shifted to allow certain bits of information from the spine and body to be more important and with that information patterns of subconscious control can be raised first to awareness and then something can be done about them. i.e. first you don’t know that you don’t know, then you become aware, then you do something about it… (hopefully:)

I invite your opinions.

1. The Biology of Belief – Bruce Lipton

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2 Responses to The 7 Billion Piece Orchestra

  1. Mary says:

    Loved this. I could really relate to the orchestra and visualise it clearly and see me using it in the future when I need to focus on my own well being as well as others. NSA has ‘played’ a major part in how I have changed my life over the past couple of years. It has given me confidence in myself again, and a return of me that had been lost for some time. My awareness of how closely the mental and physical aspects of the body are linked, has given me a better understanding of when there is discord. The biggest thing is now being able to say Stop, and ask for help, whether that is from myself or from others. The ‘musical’ is not over yet! I thank you.

  2. Mandy Orr says:

    Brilliant use of metaphors to make sense of NSA. Especially like the idea of the conductor turning away from the orchestra to face out into the world when it’s distracted by stress. Makes so much sense when you put it like this. Once I’ve found my favourite instrument do I get to play solo? Keeping passport up to date in case a world tour is called for. Mandy

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