The Brown Paper Bag Challenge

There seems to be a lot of recurrent neck pain, so it is time to take the brown paper bag challenge.

Please procure a brown paper bag, ok so it doesn’t have to be brown, it can be any colour you like. However please get one before reading any further.

Now you have your brown paper bag. If you don’t have one, seriously go and get one before you read on.

Ok, so now you definitely have your bag and hopefully you are sitting comfortably.

The challenge is this. No smart phone or tablet use for a week. Ok breathe, breathe. Use the bag to breathe in and out of your mouth. Try not to hyperventilate. If you are feeling faint, take a lay down, allow the blood to return to your brain.

I know, it’s a big challenge. Possibly impossible??

Can you remember a time before smart phones, or before mobile phones? It is difficult to remember isn’t it. So much freedom, and so little knowledge. Everybody was making it up as they went along and taking a best guess as to how to get things done. Or going to the library (ha ha ha ha ha, imagine).

Now we have instant information about virtually any subject available at the touch of a button, or tap of a screen. It is amazing. The idea of information overload will be in another blog, and the idea that we have more information but less wisdom, will also be discussed another time.

For now the focus is on neck pain/tightness from spending too much time looking down at our phones, tablets and computer screens. So let’s assume it is impossible to go a week without using one. What is possible? A day? half a day? 20 minutes whilst at work?

Lets make a bit of challenge. 24 hours without turning it on. I am pretty sure the world won’t fall apart, however should the world end, you will have proof right here that it was my fault… Use it as you will.

Ok. Strap in. Good luck and I will see you on the other side…

Yours in health.

ps, why not use the time to go for a additional walk, or meet a person for a herbal tea (:)), or practice your neck stretches and chin tucks to strengthen your neck muscles ready for the addictive binge fest that will come when you turn your phone back on…

pps. I am also aware that neck pain does not just result from postural stress, that emotional stress, old car accidents finally catching up with you, even the stress of too long in the dentist or hairdressers chair can all take their toll. Please get in touch if you have any concerns.

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