The common cold

Today’s short message is about the scourge of the common cold. For too long have we been blighted by its incessant invasion into our day to day lives, lowering our energy levels, filling our nostrils and causing us to cough over key sentences in important meetings. Well NO MORE I say, it is time to hod this invader to accound. Well, I say invader, it lives within our shores all the time and it is only when our immune system is suppressed that it is able to express its evil ways! So to resist the cold during times of transition we must lower our sugar intake (this feeds the bacteria), be aware or white bread/pasta especially as the hidden sugar is huge! Also we need plenty of water, fruit (eek more sugar) and vegetables, and be aware of stress!! Emotional stress leaves us susceptible to the cold virus, so see your chiropractor, get adjusted, do exercise, meditate, i.e. some of the things that strengthen your immune system!!! and (“oh no he’s not going to say it is he?” “He is you know, he’s going to say it…” be proactive about your health choices:)

Last weekend I went camping, in the proper wilderness – it must have been at least 10 miles to the nearest supermarket… Collecting water from the lake I decided to boil it before I drank it, and it got me to thinking about how amazing it is that the human body can do the same… Which leads me to the conclusion that should I take paracetamol to lower my bodies temperature I’m actually making it harder for my body to kill the virus/bacteria that is causing the symptoms… Hmmmm

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