The completion of the (ahem) 20 day challenge (cough cough)

The completion of the (ahem) 20 day transformation (cough cough).

lessons learned

1. Do not start a 21 day transformation on a Monday as it will mean your first day back without the restrictions is a Monday. Lame. Unless it is a bank holiday…

2. Don’t send emails out in the middle of the challenge, if you read my last e mail I apologise for the tone of it.

3. The most challenging day was Friday, after a difficult start to the day thanks to an exuberant 3 year old who wanted a friends card for herself and needed a time out to calm down, and no bike due to Edinburgh’s cobbles taking their toll and snapping two spokes resulting in a puncture. I could’ve done with a coffee upon my arrival at work, I resisted and it made the entire project worthwhile.

4. SRI is more useful than caffeine in preparing your body’s physiology for the day. Without the side effect of adrenal fatigue. I’ll be sending through a few SRI exercises soon.

5. Next time I’ll do sugar OR caffeine.

6. The first coffee back after nearly three weeks off wreaks havoc, lots of food is required to balance out the body. Be aware of this if you are a fast oxidiser (ie you have a fast metabolism).

7. A lot of people are passionate about there being too much sugar in the modern/western diet (who knew). As a note, Who can tell me the daily recommended intake for an adult in sugar? And can you name a treat that contains less then this recommended amount?

And so according to the detailed work of Dr Candice Pert in The Molecules of Emotion. The body, Your Body IS your subconscious mind. Taking care of your body IS taking care of your mind, your-Self.

An entirely worthwhile project and I am grateful to you for following progress, and perhaps making some changes yourself??? (which is my hope).

Upcoming talks and opportunities in future emails.

As always please keep in touch and let me know how your own health challenges are progressing (we face them everyday). And if you are wondering, no I never had a coffee on the way into work this morning…

Yours in health

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