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The festive season is upon us and we have a week or two of socialising, celebration and eating, each perhaps a little more than usual.

Should we let go (note there is no ‘it’), or try to maintain some modicum of healthy choices through the festive period???

Long before I knew what chiropractic was I had blow out Christmases, one of which inspired me into a full month detox to get back to my best! I also cannot imagine going the entire festive period without a chocolate covered hazelnut and a G&T (not together)…

Moderation (yawn). Obviously it is entirely your choice. There is a guy down my gym who works out at least three times a week, weights in the gym and swimming, but he is a great deal overweight. Chatting in the sauna one time he admits that it is due to his drinking at the weekend. He cannot help himself (?!?) and attempts to balance it out with gym work, but has not lost a single ounce of weight in all his years of membership.

This is his choice. Is a lack of health holding him back from living the life of his dreams? Is it yours? Will a blow out Xmas make January a difficult month, whilst your body gets itself back on track? Will making the choices that mean starting the  year at a good pace, so that this January is your most successful yet, leading to 2015 being the most successful of your life so far, be the choice you make now and at each moment through Xmas? Were there too many questions in that last sentence?

Whatever you decide I hope you have a tremendous time and enjoy some quality presence with your loved ones, oh and some presents too.

Dr Gary – White Tree Chiropractic

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