The sugar detox – finding a rhythm

Firstly – Thank you so much for your support and interest in this endeavour.  I am so glad to hear that people and families are reviewing their sugar intake it has certainly made it worthwhile.

Today, to begin with there are a few questions for you.

Are you as healthy as you want to be? Could you be healthier? Do you want to be? What does it take to get there and can you be bothered to put in the effort?

The answers to these questions come down to timescales and self-image. Most of society is geared toward short term gains. And although we are aware of short term pain for long term gain the will power required is exhausting and we tend to drop back into old habits/patterns during times of stress and then use that as an excuse to give up. “thats not for me, I’ll never be able to do that etc”.

There is an easier way.

Before I get to that lets look at timescales first. The transition from meat, weekly ice creams and wheat; to veggie, monthly ice creams and much less wheat has taken 15 years. Is it possible to do it in less time than that? Yes of course, but the point is that gradual changes one at a time is the key, along with…

Self image.

If you hold onto the thought and image that you choose healthy foods over sugary ones, that you snack on fruits and nuts rather than chocolate and ice cream, then review this image of yourself daily. Any slips from that image, are mistakes. We all make mistakes. (probably daily). But then return to the positive image of yourself, and forgive yourself for your mistake. Holding onto the image of yourself as you want to be (in the present tense).

This is not only true for eating healthy foods.

I am giving. I am a success. I love exercise. I am bold. I am living a life of abundance. I am healthy etc

Choose the statement that you want to live by. Create this image in your minds eye in the present tense, in vivid details with sounds, smells, sights, tastes and touch. And reaffirm that image of yourself each morning and evening. Any slips from that self image are forgiven, as quickly and completely as you would forgive your best friend or closest family member. and the image reaffirmed.

As humans we tend to make a mistake or slip from that image we try to hold ourselves to and berate ourselves. Sometimes endlessly. I’ll never do that. I am a failure. There is no point me even trying (ok hopefully you are not this harsh on yourself).

How about instead of that. That evening you forgive yourself. Reaffirm your self image, then again in the morning set out to live in the way that you want to live. Obviously it requires action as well as visualisation, but with practice it becomes easier and easier.

How about making the commitment to improve ONE thing this year? Only one. Decide and then by the time January 1st comes around that new thing is a habit. (Whether it is back to playing music, being creative, walking in nature, drinking one less coffee a week). Consider whether it is physical, chemical or emotional in nature and follow through, with consistent action. reward yourself regularly (with something healthy) and remind yourself often (daily reminder on phone?).

So now I have settled into a rhythm of not eating sugar during the week. As a definition I mean only refined sugars, I am still eating fruit, so no biscuits, chocolate, cake etc. And then allowing myself to eat whatever I like at the weekend, but I know a time will come when this has to end as well as it still gets a little out of hand…

If you would like to know more about the power of self image and visualisation I recommend The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy, or Theatre of the Mind by Matt Furey (also based on the work of Maxwell Maltz).

If you would like to know more about decision making then there is none better than Tony Robbins, whom I am sure you have all heard of. Defining the difference between making a decision and wishful thinking.

Tony Robbins says that decision making is a like muscle, in that it is one that we need to train just like any other muscle. Making gradually more significant decisions and following through with them. So part of the reward for no longer eating sugar is the emotional benefit of accomplishing something that I have set my mind to.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog on finding a rhythm with eliminating sugar and I look forward to your feedback.

Yours in health

Dr Gary

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