Is chiropractic for you?

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For our first blog post, we thought we would talk a little about chiropractic.

Chiropractic is such a vast subject, from its beginnings in 1895 with DD Palmer, through his son BJ Palmer, and out to the rest of the world, adapting and developing as new ways to understand the spine and body have come out of research, experience and knowledge. Leaving us with a profession that is varied, a delight to work in, but possibly confusing for a non-chiropractor to understand how/why there is such variety in approach and how visiting two Chiropractors can leave such different impressions.

I feel that this is both our professions greatest strength and our greatest weakness. The public prefer consistency, something they can hang their hat on. With so much information available to us now, and with so much going on, it is much easier to assimilate large chunks of information into a single word. That is dentistry, or that is peadiatrics. However whenever you look at a subject and start to study it it becomes more and more subtle with nuances that perhaps previously couldn’t be perceived. When I look at dressage, all I see is someone sitting on a horse and the horse is walking sidewards. Big deal. However to a horse lover who understands the subtlety of the event, much more is going on.

Now with something like dentistry, without really understanding the nuances, we can go in and get our teeth checked. We know to clean them, and not to eat too much sugar, otherwise we know the consequences.

With chiropractic, we are working with and through the spine (primarily) to affect the function of your system of nerves, and how they interact with your brain… The brain is the most complex system known to man, with connections between neurons (the basic building blocks of the brain, without wanting to get into glial cells), that outnumber the stars in the night sky…

When interacting with such a system the level of nuance is greatly increased, and as the profession has developed, and as people have kept records of what works, and others have figured out why it works, techniques have developed to address the many ways there are of understanding how to interpret the function (or lack of function) in the human body.

Which brings me back to the original point. The experience of visiting a chiropractor is as varied as there are numbers of chiropractors in the world. Each interpreting the information through their own filters and applying the knowledge in a way the fits with their own values. From the more robust Gonstead Chiropractic to the extremely gentle (but no less profound) Network Spinal Analysis. And so my final message is this, chiropractic works, and with such variety available, find a practitioner that suits you, so that you can get the most from your chiropractic experience.

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