After a fascinating conversation with a practice member this morning I realised something important.

When we fall ill, we start to look for solutions to the symptoms. We focus on the problem and ask the question what can I do to resolve this condition? Then, possibly as a result of our body being the source of pain, we look for the answers in the minds of professionals. Hey Doc, I have; arthritis, heart disease, stomach pains, neck pain etc, what can I do to resolve the symptoms?

This can lead to a plethora of answers and everyone you speak to will have a slightly different perspective on the problem and will not only see the problem slightly differently, but will also see the solution slightly differently, which can lead to confusion and becoming lost in myriad possible answers with no idea who is correct and what really can be done about it. People will then tend to plump for the ‘biggest authority’ in an area and go with their recommendations. Which can result in taking a vault of medications, or doing what a friend of a friend tried.

We can see the same floundering in failing businesses, dietary challenges etc. Focussing on the symptoms can lead to confusion and inaction.

The perspective I bring to the table is this, your body knows how to be healthy and look after itself. It is therefore the pursuit to health and not the resolution of symptoms that should be your primary concern. For what does it really matter whether you have arthritis, headaches, back pain, heart disease, if the focus is on improving health then you will become more healthy.

This can be difficult to accept, for surely the ‘experts’ know more about what is affecting the body then the body does as, after all, how has this condition come about if not for the bodies inability to look after itself?

Well I do not want to fill you with new age guilt over poor health being a result of poor health choices, as sometimes the quality of health can come down to the environment we live in. (and yes 5% of health is determined by genetics). But, for example there is information ( to suggest that it is the plastics in the environment that increase the chances of breast cancer. And well you have no control over the plastics that contain your food right? Right?

I suggest that no matter what your health challenge or concern the application of health principles will improve your health. Nothing more can be expected of you, then as your health improves you can learn to listen to and trust your body again.

As a parallel, success in any endeavour (business, long distance running etc) is about applying success principles, do the things that successful people have done (with fortitude) and you will become successful. You will notice that people at the top of their game have coaches to help them recognise pitfalls and maintain forward momentum (in the right direction).

I ask you, your family and friends to apply the principles of living a healthy life and watch as yours and their health improves.

Chiropractic fits into this model by improving spinal (and therefore nerve) health, symptoms settle down as a side effect of care. Also, if you would like guidance on how best to apply those health principles for yourself, then please contact me and I would be delighted help you make (and act on) the decisions that create health.

As ever if you have any comments on this blog about learning once again to trust your own body in its re-Quest for health, then please leave them below or email me personally.

Yours in health

Dr Gary Blackwood – White Tree Chiropractic Ltd.

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