Who’s the Boss?

Rather than talk about 1980’s T.V., this blog post asks, “Who is Your Boss?” Is it your muscles? Your joints? Or is it your brain?

One of the ways that my body tells me I am being overwhelmed by stress is by tightening the muscles through my right shoulder. 3 weeks ago the pain was becoming severe, and my own chiropractor was away on holiday.

Whilst awaiting her return, I continued to practice meditation (an almost daily habit), and at the end of last week sat down with a friend to meditate. As we dropped into the meditative state, I felt my perspective change and the science tells me my brain wave patterns shifted from Beta to Alpha to Theta, from defensiveness to relaxation to light sleep. As I moved through these different brain patterns, I felt the tension in my shoulder dissolve (the neural activity that sustains muscle tension occurs in the Beta mind set), and so the deeper states of mind brought about a way of thinking that allowed the tension to evaporate.

The conclusion is this — muscles can ONLY do what nerves tell them to do, and by adjusting the nerve system, or changing brain function, the muscles MUST follow suit. This is why chiropractors adjust the spine, to affect the nerve system and brain function. It is why I visit my chiropractor and also why I meditate daily. It is also why I practice Yoga, to relax muscles and ease brain tension, since exercise also leads to more brain ease.

Choose health, by choosing healthy habits and ease your muscle tension by easing your brain tension.

White Tree Chiropractic caring for Spine, Body and Mind.

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