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This morning I attended an Edinburgh Chamber Networking event with Charles Hammond the CEO of Forth Ports.

The talk was informative, interesting and inspiring. Of the various topics covered, from Brexit to Business to Collaboration, the most impressive aspect of the talk for me was Mr Hammond’s clear and consistent communication of his vision for the future. I feel like I have overdone the alliteration…

However, despite the relative uncertainty in the financial markets, and political arena, he maintained his clear vision for the next 20 to 30 years of trade for this nation with Europe and the World and the role of the Ports within it.

I realise that this is one of the issues when it comes to your health. When facing a health challenge, or when under significant levels of stress (whether it is emotional, financial, physical or even chemical stress), your brain and nerve system can start to think in ever shorter times frames, shifting from thriving to surviving, the focus then becomes the next moment instead of maintaining a vision for a healthy future.

One of my roles is to help you re-build that vision for a healthier you, and then hands on through chiropractic care create with you a nerve system and brain that is able to sustain the habits necessary to create that future. There can be ups and downs along the way, choices you make, and things that happen to you (yes I am still talking about your health, not the political arena), but maintaining the vision, and sustaining the habits necessary WILL create a healthier you. I know. I have seen it time and again.

So why don’t you take a moment just now. Write down your vision for your own future, no more that 500 words, include statements like wealthy and healthy, but be specific. And write in the present tense.

For example – I wake early feeling refreshed after a great nights sleep, do some light exercise after my shower and before breakfast, to wake my body up. I find my energy levels these days are better than at any time in my life, I feel vibrant, engaged and focused. My healthy breakfast is balanced and includes(…) At the end of the day I complete 5 minutes of gentle stretching just before my evening meditation, all is well, and next weeks holiday to Bali is eagerly anticipated…

Yours in health
Dr Gary Blackwood

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