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I'd heard about a chiropractic treatment - Network Chiro - that addresses the health of the spine and the skeletal system through different modes, and found Dr Gary Blackwood - one of the few practitioners of this chiropractic form in Scotland. I came to Gary for maintenance and support for an old lower back injury as well as for help with a new issue in my shoulder. Before beginning any work on my spine we did some simple tests to establish where my body held tension and how this might be affecting my injury. With these insights and simple exercises to do at home (only a few and easy to integrate into daily life!) the health of my spine has greatly improved. Each session builds on the previous one and Gary is highly knowledgeable (and generous with his knowledge!) as well as being an incredibly empathetic listener and expert practitioner. Seeing my results, my husband - a cinematographer with a shoulder injury - also began attending Gary's clinic. Both of us travel from Glasgow to see Gary and we're so glad to have found someone with the level of nuanced skills that Gary has. Five stars is too little for Gary!!
Caroline Jack
Caroline Jack
Gary looks after our whole family and has done since the children were born. He is an extremely talented chiropractor, kind person and always flexible to help and fit us in. I highly recommend Gary to help you with both reactive and proactive physical discomfort as well as all round immune support.
Dennis Gearty
Dennis Gearty
I've visited various chiropractors, but White Tree Chiropractic stands out as the best. Gary not only addresses my aches and pains but also explains the purpose behind the exercises he recommends and what is happening with my spine. Definitely worth a visit—highly recommended!
Paddy Watson
Paddy Watson
I have been attending Gary’s clinic for a few months now and have noticed a significant improvement in my posture and general overall wellbeing. This has been my first ever experience of chiropractic treatment and I think I would struggle to find anyone I would recommend more. Gary is friendly and professional, but also incredibly knowledgable. He explains everything in a way that is clear and easy to understand - which for someone like me from a healthcare background is so important. Highly recommended. Thank you Gary.
Sarah Poujade
Sarah Poujade
I booked my first appointment following a fall that left me with a sore back, and not only Gary fixed this, but helped a lot with the rest of my back and posture. I used to have frequent back pain, and it's now gone! I keep going regularly and I highly recommend Gary and White Tree Chiropractic - I can see a huge improvement on my health and posture, and every session has a positive impact on both body and mind.
Elaine Walker
Elaine Walker
I broke my collarbone in January this year. I went to see Gary at White Tree Chiropractic Ltd. He is excellent at what he does and has so much knowledge in his field. I had nerve issues in my arm and my neck was really seized up. I had lower back pain from the fall. This is completely resolved since going to Gary. I can't recommend him highly enough.
Colin Ross
Colin Ross
Gary has kept my back in trim for several years now. Treatments are geared to my specific needs (often unnoticed by myself!) at the time and have always proved very effective.
Sue Hutchins
Sue Hutchins
I have been going regularly to Gary since January this year and have benefited a lot from the sessions following a lower back injury on top of another injury. My pain and posture has improved as has my well-being generally. I was looking for someone who does Network Spinal Analysis as this is something that has benefited me before. Highly recommended. Thanks Gary
Cat herine
Cat herine
Highly recommended!!!
Isobel Baillie
Isobel Baillie
Very effective treatment for a stiff neck. Very professional and considerate manner

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Based for 10 years in Edinburgh’s West End, we use gentle techniques to strengthen and balance your nerve system and adjust spinal vertebrae where they are restricted or misaligned.

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With 17 years experience as a chiropractor and a personal chiropractic story that started with neck pain caused by stress and poor posture from long hours working at a desk, I know how it feels to be in pain and how chiropractic can transform health, as it did for me.

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As well as pain relief, patients at The White Tree Chiropractic clinic are also made up from those interested in prevention and wellness.

With our personalised treatments, many of our patients have benefited from more vigour, reduced stress, more energy, less fatigue, more flexibility, improved strength, athletic performance and better sleep, which are the things wellness is about.

We work with you to create a realistic, individualised plan to address your goals whilst striving to be efficient and cost effective. From pain relief to wellness, experience the difference that White Tree Chiropractic can make for you! If you’re looking for a chiropractor, contact us today on 0131 225 1177 to arrange a complimentary consultation or come to visit us at the clinic in Edinburgh’s West End, Midlothian to discuss our treatments in more depth.

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