Christmas hours 2021

Over the Christmas period we are open: Monday 20th  10-6 Tuesday 21st closed Wednesday 22nd 10-6 Thursday 23rd closed Friday 24th closed Monday 26th to Tuesday 4th closed Then open as normal from Wednesday 5th January. Hope you all have a nice relaxing Christmas and New Year.

Older Adults

Some of the challenges of getting older include memory loss and difficulty in carrying out tasks of daily living such as dressing, bathing, or cooking. Due to the decline in nervous system function that often accompanies ageing, many older people also experience an increased rate of falls.1 And although getting old may appear like an… Continue reading Older Adults


About 1 in 6 people experience migraines on a regular basis, often may times each month.1 Migraines are often severe and are considered by the World Health Organisation to be the most debilitating of all neurological disorders. 1 Do you suffer from Migraines? If you do, you will know how debilitating they can be. If… Continue reading Migraines

Handbrake in your Brain

Does it feel like you have a handbrake on your muscles and you do not have your usual strength? This idea of having a handbrake on your muscles may actually be more real than you think – maybe not a handbrake on your muscles, but a handbrake in your brain which is what controls your… Continue reading Handbrake in your Brain

Healthy Ageing

With the decline in nervous system function from ageing many older adults experience an increased rate of falls. (1) Although getting old may appear like an inevitable downward progression, there is actually something you can do about it – it’s called healthy ageing. What is Healthy Ageing? Healthy ageing focuses on maintaining mental and physical health… Continue reading Healthy Ageing

Chiropractic care and Golf

Golf can be a game of millimetres. A club head that is angled a few millimetres off centre can result in a drive hooking out of bounds. Millimetres in golf can be the difference between winning and losing in a playoff. Can chiropractic care help improve your golf game? Professional golfers will do everything they… Continue reading Chiropractic care and Golf