These are the most common questions, if you have a specific question or would like to discuss any of the answers below, please call for your complimentary consultation.

Can chiropractic help me?
Yes. If you are considering chiropractic care, the chances are it can help you. Our youngest ever patient was 4 days old, and our oldest are into their 80’s. By working with the spine and nerve system in a gentle and specific way we can create a plan of care that will suit you and your needs. But to help you with your decision we offer complimentary consultations to allow you to come and meet the team, complete the paperwork and get a 15 minute consultation with the chiropractor to establish whether you will benefit from chiropractic care.

What is chiropractic?
Please see our specific page – what is chiropractic.

Does it hurt?
A lot of people expect the ‘no pain, no gain’ principle at a chiropractic clinic. However the combination of chiropractic techniques here at WhiteTree Chiropractic are at the gentle end of the chiropractic care spectrum. Meaning that there is rarely any pain during a visit, most people reporting that it is a relaxing experience, and one or two clients event feeling very sleepy after a session. On occasion we do need to do some muscle work, which can be uncomfortable, but we work to your tolerance, with sports people receiving firmer care than our older, younger or non-athletic clients.
Sometimes there is also some residual discomfort, typically the evening of any work that is done, however this tends to settle down by the following morning and is minimised by light activity (walking instead of sitting) and using ice.

What are the benefits?                                                                                                                                                                                               In addition to the benefit of the elimination of pain and symptoms a survey of nearly 35,000 people noted the following additional benefits; 67% helped them to improve overall health and made them feel better. 42% reported sleeping better. 40% reported reduced stress of helped them to relax. 39% reported easier for them to cope with their health problems (non-spinal pain). 33% reported a sense of control over their health. 27% reported felt better emotionally(!!). 13% reported improved their relationships with others (!!!)!

All of this is in addition to the objective benefits of improved spinal structure and bio-mechanics, increased physical strength, improved endurance, improved mental clarity and reduced risk of falls.


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What is chiropractic

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