About 1 in 6 people experience migraines on a regular basis, often may times each month.1

Migraines are often severe and are considered by the World Health Organisation to be the most debilitating of all neurological disorders. 1

Do you suffer from Migraines?

If you do, you will know how debilitating they can be. If you don’t, just imagine suffering with a throbbing headache for days on end, and feeling nauseous, and vomiting, and being unable to stand bright lights and loud noises.

Migraines are really awful!

Chiropractic care really does seem to help some people who suffer from migraines

What does the research show?

A sad fact is that almost half of migraine sufferers don’t get the relief they need from usual drug treatment options.2 And to make matters worse, commonly prescribed medications for migraines can actually end up causing more headaches and more pain in the long run.2 This is a real problem!

That is why researchers and health professionals have been exploring what other healthcare options may help people who suffer from migraines. One of these options that have received quite a lot of research attention is chiropractic care.

In 2019 a systematic review was published that looked at all of the clinical trials that had investigated whether chiropractic care can help people with migraines.2 What they found was that when all of the research is combined, people with migraines who saw a chiropractor or another health professional who provided spinal manipulation had fewer days with migraines each month. And they also experienced less migraine pain.

In one of the studies they were looking at, the researchers found that for about 1 in 5 people who suffer from migraines, their migraines almost went away completely after 2 months of chiropractic care. We don’t know for sure who will respond well to chiropractic care, and we don’t know how much of an influence the placebo effect might have, but for some people, when they get under chiropractic care, their migraines almost completely resolve with just a couple of months.

So, if you suffer from migraines, or you know someone who does, consider chiropractic care, because it may really make a big difference to you or the people you care about. Migraines don’t have to be a life sentence, so fo and see a chiropractor and rediscover what life is supposed to be like.

Disclaimer and references

This information is provided for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be professional advice of any kind. White Tree Chiropractic Ltd encourages you do make your own health care decisions based on your own research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.

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