What is Chiropractic?

These days, most of us experience an occasional headache or ‘bad back’ and often just learn to put up with it.

However whether this is your first instance of pain or the pain is recurring or in fact the pain is persistent and making day to day life more difficult; pain = damage, please don’t ignore it.

Pain is simply a warning that something is going on that needs to be sorted out, we can help you both understand your spine and fix it.

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The General Chiropractic Council describes chiropractic as “concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, and the effects of these disorders on the function of the nerve system and general health”.

Put more simply, chiropractic is all about the function of the most important bones structure in your body – your spine or vertebrae. If your spinal vertebrae become damaged or misaligned this can interfere with with both your nerve system and other bony structures in your body.

The result can be lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, fatigue, restriction of mobility and even imbalance and dizziness to name but a few.

If you had toothache you would visit a dentist. If you wanted to prevent toothache you would visit your dentist regularly for check-ups.

Just like a dentist, a chiropractor can recommend a treatment plan designed to address your specific symptoms, address the problem at its root and provide pain relief.

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Prevent illness, promote wellness

Or if you’re interested in preventing ill-health and promoting general overall well-being, chiropractic techniques can give you more vigour, energy and flexibility, improved strength, reduced stress levels and better sleep.

Chiropractic is Safe, Natural and aims to Correct the Underlying Cause of the Problem

1st visit – 15 minute online consultation

At your initial visit to a Scottish Chiropractic Association (SCA) member’s clinic, you will be asked to complete some paperwork prior to meeting the Chiropractor who will then go through a consultation with you. If we determine that what you have can be improved with chiropractic care you will be invited back for a complete examination.

2nd visit – Examination appointment

This will include a detailed review of your history followed by Chiropractic, Orthopaedic and Neurologic tests, as well as heart rate variability testing and Myovision scan of the musculature of your back.

Chiropractic is Beneficial to Everyone in all Walks of Life:

The Chiropractor will also advise you if any type of diagnostic imaging, laboratory or other diagnostic tests are necessary to complete your examination. Your exam results will be studied and then reported to you; an appropriate treatment plan to achieve your health objectives will be discussed and recommended to you.


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What is chiropractic

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